The Burry Herd...

Over the years, ‘The Burry Herd’, has received excellent results at shows across the UK including The Smallholders, The Royal Welsh, The Royal Bath & West and Malvern Show. These results along with the quality of stock have led to breeding animals being sold by ‘The Burry Herd’ right across the UK from Land’s End to the Orkneys.

Being the largest registered herd of Pedigree Welsh in Wales and amongst the largest within the UK, 'The Burry Herd' maintains all remaining bloodlines of the breed. By doing so, we are able to enhance the breed through effective gene selection in order to produce quality breeding stock and the ideal butchers carcass.

As such, ’The Burry Herd’ can offer weaners in small and large volumes, gilts, in-pig gilts, sows and boars.  All can be bred to your requirements or can be selected from existing stock.

In addition to the Pedigree Welsh, 'The Burry Herd' also maintains a smaller seperate herd of Pedigree Large Whites. For more information, please Click Here

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